E-learning Course Working with hazardous substances in the lab


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Laboratory technicians often work with chemicals for many years and have acquired the basics in a laboratory training in the distant past. In practice, the knowledge is lost over time. Then it is wise to follow an update course. As a company or organization, with this e-learning course you no longer have an excuse not to train your employees. The course is presented in clear and comprehensive online presentations.

Each module is concluded with a practical questionnaire. At the end of the course of the last questionnaire and if a pass is obtained, the student receives the Certificate Safe working with hazardous substances in the lab.

About the course

This online course contains multiple modules and topics:

  • Legislation and regulations on the storage, transport and use of hazardous substances.
  • The classification according to the GHS, WMS and ADR as well as the properties of substances.
  • Safety in the lab, reading MSDSs and wearing PPE.
  • The PGS15 and the separation of substances.
  • Dealing with calamities involving hazardous substances in the lab.

Certificate and duration

The theory of ‘hazardous substances in the lab’ is realized through training. You can stop the workout and continue at any time. After learning the theory, the student takes a final ‘hazardous substances in the lab’ exam. If the student has completed the online exam with 70% or more correctly, then she / he has automatically passed. Your certificate can then be easily and directly downloaded and / or printed online.